• How To Drive on a Smart Motorway?

    29/11/2019 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Smart motorways are still relatively new and have become quite popular amongst UK roads. They have been implemented to reduce environmental impact, cost, time and without having to add additional lanes to the motorway and instead - replacing the hard shoulder as an additional lane to drive in. Whils...

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  • How Long Do Tyres Take To Cool Down?

    29/11/2019 - Lindleys Autocentres
    In hot weather conditions, tyres are more susceptible to failure and in some worst-case scenarios, bursting out all due to the surface temperature of the road and how long you’ve had the tyres for. That’s why it’s important to take extra care of your tyres and check the tyre pressure when it’s hot o...

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  • How to drive safely in heavy rain

    26/11/2019 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Getting caught in a torrential downpour when driving can be quite daunting, especially if you’re a newly qualified driver or even an elderly driver. What’s important to remember when driving in heavy rain at night, or even in the day, is that you must remain confident and alert to your surroundings ...

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  • How to defrost car windows

    11/11/2019 - Lindleys Autocentres
    As the nights start to draw in and the days get colder, you may find that when you get to your car in the morning, it’s iced over. Normally, you might get in the car and blast your heaters to melt the ice which takes time, using your car battery and fuel.  You might attack the windscreen yourself wi...

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  • Benefits of booking an MOT test with Lindleys Autocentres

    17/10/2019 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Here at Lindleys, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best MOT services in Nottingham, giving complete transparency about every aspect of your MOT test - not to mention our fantastic level of customer service at each branch.  But what makes us the best?  In this blog post, we have put togeth...

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