Managing, recognising and preventing a punctured car tyre

15 May 2017 / Lindleys Autocentres

Managing, recognising and preventing a punctured car tyre

You may want to know a few reasons as to why your tyre punctured in the first place. There are several ways in which your tyres can pop - you may have that incorrect tyre pressure, your vehicle may have been overloaded, your tyres may simply have worn out, there may be an unnoticed slow puncture or you may have just simply driven over a pothole.

So how do you prevent your car tyre from puncturing?

You should regularly check your tyre pressure and ensure they aren’t underinflated, ideally you should be inspect your tyres monthly including checking for any cuts or bulges on your tyres. Attempt to avoid using old tyres as the rubber deteriorates over time and can become weak. Try to avoid driving in areas where punctures are likely to happen, if you know there’s a road with several pot holes, avoid it. You can also protect your tyres with tyre sealant and line your tyres with puncture-resistant strips to lower the chances of your tyres popping.

Here at Lindleys Autocentres what we can do to restore or repair your punctured tyre?

If the unfortunate happens, we offer a free mobile tyre fitting service- it means you don’t have to worry about getting your car to a garage as we will come to you and we only charge for the tyre fitting service, not for coming out to you. At Lindleys Autocentres you can choose where you’d like to have your tyres fitted; at home, at the roadside, at work or you can visit one of our Nottingham branches in the City Centre, Arnold, Basford or West Bridgford.

We also stock a large amount of tyres in various types, sizes and brands and offer the highest quality to suit your budget, we start as low as £23 for you to have your tyres fitted. If your tyre isn’t in stock then we will happily order it in for you.

We provide a full range of tyre services, from tyre fitting and mobile tyre fitting to tyre pressure checking and wheel alignment. You’ll find it all on our website and you’ll find more information on the other services we offer.


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