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Caravan Tyres

Be prepared for your long journey in your caravan with tyre fitting at Lindleys Autocentres. Don’t let tyres ground you to a halt.

The worst way to start a getaway weekend is stuck at the roadside, waiting for breakdown recovery to come and move your caravan. With Lindleys Autocentres, you can book your tyre fitting online and we’ll come to you at home or on-site to fit new tyres.

Tyre fitting shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why we make it as simple and easy as possible. Our expert teams will come directly to your caravan or motorhome and fit your new tyres.

Book tyre fitting online today.

Why choose us for caravan tyres

Our mobile caravan tyre fitting service is available 6 days a week, giving you complete peace of mind that we’ll be available to replace your caravan tyres. You will also get access to 90-minute callouts, emergency appointments, and tyre fitting at your home, storage facility or on site.

If you are looking to come in-branch, we have a number of car garages around the Nottingham area, through which we can fit tyres in Nottingham for you.

Areas we cover

We cover a wide area around Nottingham and further afield, below is a selection of the areas we cover:

All about caravan tyres

Keeping on top of your caravan tyre maintenance is extremely important. When you’re about to set out on a long drive, it is essential to ensure that the tyres fitted to your vehicle are up to scratch. If they’re not, you could be putting yourself in harm’s way.

Are caravan tyres different from car tyres?

It’s often believed that caravan tyres are different from that of car tyres. This is because caravans generally carry a heavier load than cars, thus the tyres need to be able to withstand a heavier weight, and sometimes, for a longer period of time, as it’s likely you’re driving further in your caravan.

With this in mind, caravan tyres are similar to van tyres. But it isn’t necessarily the type of tyre that matters, but instead, the load rating for the tyre you are looking to buy. When buying a new tyre, it is important that you refer to the caravan manufacturers’ guidelines on the load index needed for your particular caravan, so that you don’t get tyres that can’t hold the load. It also isn’t usually necessary to replace your tyres with those that have a higher load index.

Caravan tyre ageing

As caravans are used less often than cars, it is important to know the date that your caravan tyres were manufactured. As with most products, tyres carry a lifespan.

From the point a tyre is manufactured, it begins to suffer from a natural ageing process. Over time, the composite materials that are used to make tyres degrade. Tyres don’t need to have physically been driven on for this process to start – so regardless of how much you drive your caravan, it is important to keep an eye on how long since your tyres were manufactured.

Checking the lifespan of your tyres is quick and simple – take a look at the sidewall of the tyre and within a window, there are 4 numbers printed. The first 2 numbers show the week of manufacture, while the last 2 digits show the year of manufacture.

Tyres that are older than 5 years should be replaced. Likewise, if your tyre manufacture date has only 3 digits, then it means the tyre was manufactured in the year 2000 or older and should be replaced as soon as possible.