How to Go Green When Your Car Isn't

30 September 2015 / Lindleys Autocentres

Simple tips for driving change in your carbon footprint

There’s no denying it, the environment is big news. And whatever your stance on climate change there’s no hiding from the effect that it’s having on motoring. And it’s big business too, with hybrid technology, low emission engines and electric cars now in mass production by the major manufacturers.

The trouble is that all this new technology comes at a price. So if you’re environmentally conscious, or even just want to save yourself a few quid on fuel and running costs, how do you go about making your car more environmentally friendly without shelling out for a premium green machine?

Here are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that you’re doing your bit for the environment and reduce your fuel consumption along the way, without breaking the bank.  

Check Tyre Pressure

Under inflated tyres lead to roll resistance which in turn impacts on fuel consumption. Simply put, the more under inflated your tyres are, the more fuel is required to move your car. Tyres that are under inflated by 15 PSI can increase fuel consumption by as much as 6% so it’s a good idea to check your tyre inflation at least once a month in order to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Reduce the Weight in Your Car

Like under inflation, the weight of your car will impact on roll resistance. We’re not talking about having major body modifications carried out on your car but there may be heavy items you’re carrying around in your car that you don’t need. Golf clubs, dog crates, tool boxes; anything that you don’t need in order to stay safe in your vehicle should be removed when you don’t need it in there.  

Reduce Air Conditioner Use and Roll up the Windows

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic in a hot car but air conditioner use can account for as much as a 21% increase in fuel consumption. Winding the windows down can also help get some cool air blowing around but again, open windows will cause wind resistance that will increase fuel consumption. Things like screen covers can be used to keep your car cool while it’s parked, minimising the requirement to blast the air con as soon as you get in the car. While driving try and keep the air conditioning use to a minimum and you’ll start to see a difference in fuel consumption.

Keep to the Speed Limit and Accelerate Steadily

It’s a familiar situation. The tractor you’ve been stuck behind for the last twenty minutes has finally turned into a field. The natural reaction is to hammer your foot down on the accelerator and get up to speed as quickly as possible. Although this might feel like you’re getting there faster it’s also burning a lot more fuel than necessary. The more revs your engine makes, the more fuel it consumes so in order to maintain an efficient driving practice it’s best to accelerate steadily, rising appropriately through the gears. You’ll get there at the same time and you’ll lose much less fuel.

Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

In order to achieve optimum performance of your car it’s important that you carry out regular maintenance of your car and have it serviced regularly.


And of course if you have any concerns with the running of your car, feel free to book it in with Lindley’s Autocentres for a once over.  


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