What are Run Flat Tyres

22 February 2016 / Lindleys Autocentres

Run flat tyres are designed to allow your tyre to be used for a number of miles, even after the tyre has been punctured. This is thanks to the tyres having a thicker, reinforced sidewall that can hold the weight of your car without the correct amount of air pressure. This gives you the chance to remain driving until it is safer and more appropriate to stop to have the tyre repaired or replaced.


How Long Do They Last?

Run flat tyres are designed to give drivers the chance to continue driving with a puncture until they reach a safe and appropriate place to repair or replace the tyre. They are not, however, designed to continue driving with a puncture for long periods of time or at speeds above 50mph.

On average, you’ll be able to continue on your journey whilst travelling at 30mph for another 50 miles - plenty of time to reach a nearby autocentre. It’s difficult to determine the exact range of how long run flat tyres last as it depends on things such as road conditions, how much the vehicle weighs and the speed that you’re travelling at.

Without being punctured run flat tyres last equally as long as regular tyres, as they are made with similar compounds.


Vehicles Fitted With Run Flat Tyres As ‘Original Equipment’

The number of vehicle manufacturers that are fitting run flat tyres as part of their original equipment is increasing. Being part of the original equipment means that when bought new, the vehicle will have four run flat tyres fitted. Well-known car manufacturers, such as BMW and Mini, are including these kinds of tyres as standard.


Can You Fit Regular Tyres Onto A Run Flat Originally Equipped Vehicle?

If your vehicle has run flat tyres as part of the original equipment, it is possible to change them to regular, conventional tyres. However, if your car has been designed for run flat tyres, this may affect the car’s handling.


Can You Repair Run Flat Tyres?

Most manufacturers advise not to repair run flat tyres as if the tyre has been driven on whilst deflated, it could have weakened the strength of the tyre’s sidewall. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for a fitter to tell whether or not the tyre was driven on faster or for longer than recommended.



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