How to change your headlight bulb

17 December 2018 / Lindleys Autocentres

It is important to know how to change your headlight light bulb as, over time, the bulbs deteriorate. Working headlights are necessary to ensure you are kept safe on the road. Driving on the road without functioning headlight bulbs, makes you less visible to other road users. Not only will this increase the risk of you being pulled over by the police; you're also putting your life and the life of others in danger.

Step 1  - Open your bonnet

To access your headlight bulb, you need to open up your bonnet. The section will be located near the front of your vehicle.

Step 2 - Disconnect wires

Next, you will need to disconnect the power from the back of your headlight. Depending on your vehicle, you may either see a metal clip, screw cap, or a plastic catch. To be certain about how you need to remove this section, we suggest you take a look at your owner's manual. However, typically plastic catch’s will have a lever at the top that you need to push down and pull the plug out. For metal clips, you pull it up and away. And lastly, for screw caps, you unscrew it counter-clockwise.

Step 3 - Remove the headlight bulb

Now you have detached the cables, remove the headlight bulb from its place. Occasionally, you may need to loosen it by twisting the bulb slightly to pull it out properly. Keep in mind that you should not be pulling on the glass of the bulb or try to forcefully remove it. Doing this may break the glass. 

Do not get rid of your light bulb just yet, you will need to compare to ensure you buy the same type of bulb. If you ever get stuck, you can always pop in and ask us for advice.

Step 4 - Clean new light bulb

Once you have purchased a new light bulb that matches with your vehicles’ make and model, you will need to wipe it down to ensure there are no dust or finger marks. You can do this with an alcohol wipe or a dust-free cloth.

Step 5 - Install the bulb

As you do not want to compromise the cleanliness of the new lightbulb when installing, we suggest you wear gloves. Gently slide the bulb into place and twist it slightly to ensure it is in properly. Usually, there should be no rubber gasket showing.

Step 6 - Reconnect and test

Now you have put your new headlight in place, put any plugs and wires back. Test to see if the light bulb is working correctly by turning on your headlights.

Keep up with maintenance

Staying on top of your car's maintenance is just as important as replacing parts of your vehicle that are broken. Along with ensuring outside headlights are kept clean throughout the year, you still need to look out for other parts of your vehicle. For example, you must make sure your tyres are in great condition and your vehicle is functioning without any complications.  Failing to do this could decrease the longevity. 

If you have any enquiries regarding this blog post, please feel free to contact us. If you have an issue with a vehicle book an appointment with one of your local garages.

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