The Service Light - It’s More Important Than You Think

16 September 2016 / Lindleys Autocentres

At Lindleys Autocentres in Nottingham, we’ve discovered that motorists can be broadly split into two categories: reactive motorists, and proactive. Proactive motorists check their oil, check their tyre pressure, get their battery tested before the Winter and get their car serviced regularly. Whereas reactive motorists react to problems as they arise.

Reactive motorists will bring their car to Lindleys when they have a problem with their exhaust or a broken head gasket; they’ll bring their car to us to recharge their air conditioning or replace their brakes. But when it comes to getting their car serviced, the little light on their dashboard is nothing more than an unwelcome dashboard.

And the key difference between Proactive and Reactive motorists? Reactive Motorists generally end up spending much more money.

While getting your car serviced is not a legal requirement, like your MOT, it is still an important part of your vehicle maintenance. All car manufacturers have a recommended mileage or duration between services, and when your service light comes on, that’s your car telling you that your manufacturer recommended interval has passed and it’s time to get your car to Lindleys Autocentres in either Nottingham, Arnold or Old Basford.


Why is a car service so important?

As one of Nottingham’s leading authorities on vehicle maintenance, Lindleys Autocentres have outlined our top five reasons for getting your car serviced.

  1. Safety. A car service is different to an MOT. While an MOT is designed to ensure your car is safe to run, nothing gets repaired or replaced. There is wear and tear going on inside your car at all times. A service will prevent this from turning into a serious fault.

  2. Prevention. Again, with so much wear and tear occurring inside your engine, it’s vital that you keep it running smoothly in order to prevent serious, and far more costly faults from occurring.

  3. You aren’t a mechanic. Unless, of course, you are. But for most people, there are car maintenance activities carried out during a service which you are not qualified or safe to perform.

  4. Insurance. Not having a regular service could affect future insurance claims. Although it wouldn’t invalidate your policy, your car will only be insured for its pre-crash value, which could be lower without a service history.

  5. Value. And, of course, cars with a full service history attract a sale value than those that don’t.

So don’t wait until something goes wrong. Take preventative measures by getting your vehicle booked in for its service at Lindleys Autocentres in Nottingham City Centre, Arnold or Old Basford.

Alternatively, you can use our Book a Car Service page.

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