When is your MOT due? Find out online!

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When is my MOT due?

It’s quite easy to forget when your vehicle’s MOT is due. Luckily, with MOT certificates moving from a paper-based system to an online system, it is quick and easy to check your MOT due date online, at no additional cost.

Simply follow these steps to check when your MOT is due.

  1. Visit the Government website https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/

  2. Be sure to have your vehicle registration to hand as you’ll need to enter this next

  3. You’ll be instantly presented with your MOT expiry date

  4. If you want to see your MOT history simple scroll down and click “MOT History”  to see your last tests and if they passed or failed and any advisories on your vehicle.

  5. There is also the option to see any vehicle recalls if you wish to see how many times your car has been recalled due to a fault

Once you have looked up your vehicle’s MOT history, be sure to pop the date on your calendar or ask us to send you an MOT reminder, so that you never forget, thereby ensuring your vehicle always has a valid MOT certificate.

What is an MOT?

A Ministry of Transport test, or as it’s more commonly known, an MOT test, is where a vehicle is put through its paces to test for any issues the car may have and identify any safety hazards which will be reported on and issued back to the driver to sort out the relevant fixes the car needs.

An MOT test is required by law for all vehicles to meet their safety standards, failure to do so can result in serious financial risks such as fines as well as invalid car insurance and the fact that you would be driving your car on the road illegally.

It’s much easier to simply book in for an MOT test before it’s due and alleviate any of these worries or events from happening.

How much will an MOT test cost?

Here at Lindleys Autocentres, our costs are competitive as we offer £39 for an MOT test with a free retest in case it fails.

We are a DVSA and VOSA regulated and approved test centre, meaning all our MOT tests fall in line with safety standards set by law. It also means you’re in safe hands when it comes to our mechanics working on your car.

Once completed we will inform you if your car has passed or failed its MOT and if there are any problems or advisories with the vehicle. If there are, you can book in with us to get any failed items fixed there and then. We will then retest your car, free of charge.

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MOT expiring soon? Book online.

MOT expiring soon? Why not book an MOT online with Lindleys Autocentres? With branches available in and around Nottingham, we’re always close by, and with our lowest price of £39, including a free retest, why go anywhere else? Book online today.