Top 5 tips for safe summer driving

15 June 2017 / Lindleys Autocentres

In summer, you may find yourself doing longer journeys than normal, travelling by car to the coast or driving to see a family member for the weekend. This means you’ll need to take extra care of your car, the last thing you want when on a long journey is for the car to break down.

1. Prepare your tyres - If you’re driving with a heavy load or are driving at high speeds then you are at an increased risk if your tyres aren’t inflated correctly. The best thing to do is to check your tyre pressure here at Lindleys and make sure they are at the correct level.


2. In the summer, pollen can be a nightmare, so make sure you do all you can to protect against it. Driving with itchy eyes, frequently sneezing and having a runny nose can be very dangerous. Make sure you take a few precautionary steps before driving to improve the quality of air in your car. Insulate your car, clean and change the pollen and cabin filters regularly. Also, make sure to use plastic mats rather than cloth ones as they will reduce the moisturisation and keep allergens at bay


3. High temperatures and longer journeys can put your car battery through its paces, especially if you’re charging electronic devices while travelling. If your car battery is a couple of years old, book in at Lindleys for a car battery repair or replacement service and we will sort all of your potential problems out.


4. Checking your engine oil is always an important part of car maintenance no matter when you’re checking your car. However, in summer it is even more important as your car is under more strain than normal. Choosing the right oil for your car is important in summer so make sure you’ve ensured everything is correct to help prevent problems.


5. Hotter weather means a hotter engine, right? Well, yes, which is why problems can occur if your engine is left unchecked. Your car’s cooling system works much harder in the summer months which is why it’s vital to keep your coolant at the correct strength to avoid overheating. If you’re unsure on anything pop into Lindleys Autocentres and receive an engine repair and diagnostic service.


Here at Lindleys Autocentres we can provide many services to help improve your summer driving, to find out more about our services or to book in a service with us then please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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