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In many parts of Europe it is common, or even a legal requirement, for drivers to keep two sets of tyres – a set of summer tyres and a set of specialist designed winter tyres.

Although not a legal requirement here in the UK, winter tyres still play an extremely important role in keeping you safe on the roads during the severe winter months.

You no longer have to go all-out on a 4×4 vehicle for good, quality grip on the winter roads. Transferring to winter tyres can make a huge improvement when it comes to feeling secure whilst driving.

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres are designed to work in all winter weather, not just snow as many people think. In reality, the tyres improve traction and safety in all temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, not just in ice and snow.

Road users are better off using winter tyres when the climate drops below this temperature because they are made of a different type of rubber (a high silica content, which makes them softer) and have a unique tread pattern (more slits in the tread blocks). This allows for more grip to the road, enabling you to safely brake on snow, ice or whatever those harsh winter months throw at you.

All in all, winter tyres offer a variety of benefits for both you and your fellow road users during the colder months:

  • Substantially increased grip in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius
  • Shorter braking distances
  • Reduced slips and slides
  • Saves tyre wear

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