Type of tyres - Winter to Summer and Everything in between

06 September 2018 / Lindleys Autocentres

Having a durable set of tyres that can reliably take you from point A to point B safely, should be high on any motorists priority list. There are many types of tyres on the market, each offering features that make them better suited to different driving environments. In this article, we’ll take you through a few of the most common tyre types and what they offer.

All season Tyres

Although the UK weather can be unpredictable, extreme weather conditions are fairly uncommon. All-Season Tyres combine elements of the winter and summer tyre, giving you all year round stability on the road, removing the need of getting them changed between seasons.  

Ideal for the UK weather All-Season Tyres can handle both the wet and warm with ease. However, if you’re road tripping in a country that does suffer adverse weather conditions, getting a suitable tyre for the journey is key.

All-Season Tyres have a tread pattern that is great for aquaplaning resistance and providing a good grip in snowy/icy conditions. The only downfall of this type of tyre is that it does not specialise in a specific weather condition. As Winter and Summer Tyres are designed for certain road conditions, they give superior performance when working in their speciality.

Winter Tyres

Speaking of unpredictable weather, snow tends to fall upon us at inconvenient times, throwing us off our daily routines. Winter tyres are incredibly safe in snowy and icy conditions providing much greater control.

Compared to regular other types, Winter Tyres have a significantly shorter stopping distance, even in the most adverse conditions.  The reduced risk of aquaplaning means that you can gain control back far quicker in the event of an accident. For optimum results, these tyres work best in weather conditions below 7°C.

To reduce inconvenience, having your own set of Winter Tyres that you can have fitted and removed as necessary is recommended.

Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres provide the best driving experience on hot days and summer months. In contrast to Winter Tyres, Summer Tyres are engineered to work well at temperatures above 7°C and on both wet or dry roads.

As Summer Tyres are softer than Winter Tyres, they provide a better grip on dryer surfaces - enhancing your steering stability. This is due to the tread pattern which has fewer grooves, it allows the tyre to drive perfectly over dry roads; providing better traction and braking ability.

Despite the name, these tyres still provide a comfortable experience on wet roads. Typically they are best fitted during spring and can be used all the way till the end of summer.

Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat Tyres are engineered to re-enforce the tyres minimum functionality after the loss of air pressure. This feature allows you to locate a safe place to get your tyres checked or a mobile service to come to your location.

Therefore, Run Flat Tyres reduce the impact of dangerous blowouts minimising the chances of injuries in the event of an accident. With that said, it doesn't give you the leeway to drive around on a punctured tyre as your limited to travel no more than 50 miles once the problem occurs.

If you do experience a blowout or puncture with Run Flat Tyres they should be immediately replaced, as any structural damage will have a huge negative effect on performance. Even in the case of a puncture, the loss of air pressure will damage the tyres ability to perform.

Each tyre mentioned serves a specific purpose to provide drivers with high-performance and safe driving. One of the key benefits of changing your tyre for the season or reason will help reduce your fuel consumption. As premium tyres can be quite expensive, it is all about striking the right balance between safety and cost effectiveness.

Here at Lindleys Autocentres, we want to ensure every motorist are safe and secure in their vehicles. With years of quality experience fitting tyres and servicing cars, we would love to help answer any of your questions based on vehicle-related issues or enquires.

If you are interested in seasonal tyres and would like them fitting, please feel free to book your winter tyres now.


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