What do your car dashboard lights mean?

04 July 2017 / Lindleys Autocentres

We know they’re there, but what do the lights on your dashboard really mean?

Due to a vast improvement in technology over recent times, it has lead to an increase in the number of lights on a dashboard- meaning it can be tricky to work them out.

Yes, there are some that you can guess pretty easily, but then there’s the ones that make no sense at all.



Potentially the most serious warning indicator. This relates to your brake hydraulic system and if the light is intermittent, it’s likely there’s a problem with your brake, get it checked out. Here at Lindleys Autocentres we provide a free brake check.


If the engine light appears on your dashboard then your vehicle is in ‘safety mode’, and it is designed to reduce further damage caused by driving at high speed. The light can be red or amber, amber means you should get you car checked as soon as possible, if it’s red then stop driving immediately as there’s a serious problem. If you are in need of an engine repair then look no further than Lindleys Autocentres.                                                                             



A battery light suggests low voltage level; if you can, check the battery terminals, alternator belt and battery conditions or we can do it here at Lindleys Autocentres for you with our car battery replacement and repair.


If your engine has exceeded normal temperature limits then this light will show. If you’ve not changed your coolant level for some time it may stop working, so book in for a coolant change.


If this is lit there may a loss of oil pressure. Driving with little or no oil can cause serious problems to your car, that’s why checking your oil levels regularly is vital.



This light means your screen wash needs topping up, the reservoirs can be found under the bonnet.



This light will show if one of your exterior lights needs replacing, take a good look at your lights and try turning them on to see if they’re working.

If you have any queries about your car dashboard lights or want to find out more then contact us, we’re here to help you.

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