How to change a car tyre

25 May 2017 / Lindleys Autocentres

With the summer season just around the corner and the inevitable family road trips on the horizon, the last thing you want is to be out with the family and be stuck at the side of the road with a flat car tyre and no idea how to change it. So to help you prepare, Lindley’s Autocentres, your number one choice for car tyres in Nottingham, has compiled this handy step by step guide to changing a car tyre.

Most cars are fitted with a spare tyre, making it easy for you to return to the road after getting a puncture. However, most spare tyres are not suitable for long distance travel or for high speeds and are designed only to get your car moving again and get you safely to a garage for a full replacement. 

What you will need: 

  • An extendable bar, usually found in the boot along with your spare wheel  
  • A car jack, also located along with your spare wheel  
  • Wheel chocks 
  • A tyre pressure gauge 
  • Locking wheel key (nb. This is only required for some vehicles). 

If you need any guidance identifying or locating any of these items, talk to Lindley’s Autocentres; either give us a call or pop into one of our Nottingham tyre replacement centres and we’ll happily show you what you’re looking for. 

Getting your car into position to change your tyre.

If you are at home and you have a flat tyre, make sure you find an environment in which you can comfortably change the tyre. A driveway or large garage is best, but if you have a sloping driveway, you way wish to move the car to the roadside first.

If you get a flat tyre while driving, it is important that you first move your car to a safe place, such as a layby, before attempting to change your tyre. Again, this should be a flat stretch of road where your vehicle is unlikely to roll. You may have to drive a short distance on your flat tyre in order to find the ideal location. Make sure you have your hazards on and that you are away from moving traffic before you begin the work. 

Before you begin changing your tyre, make sure your car is in gear and the handbrake is on. 

Changing the car tyre. 

First, locate your spare wheel and the tools for changing the tyre. These are usually located in the boot underneath a cover but it is a good idea to check for these items before you travel so that you know what is there and how to locate them in a hurry. 

Next, position the wheel chocks at the front and back of the good tyre on the side of the puncture. So if your front driver’s side tyre is punctured, the chocks should go on the rear driver’s side wheel. 

Remove the hubcap on the affected wheel and use the extendable bar to loosen all nuts.

Find your car’s jacking point, you may need to consult the logbook for this. Then, ensuring the jack is straight and in line with the car, jack the vehicle up until there is enough room to insert a new tyre. Important: Never put your head under the car while it is lifted with the jack. 

Remove the wheel nuts and lift off the wheel. Place the spare wheel on the car and do up the wheel nuts by hand.  

Carefully lower the jack so that the weight of the vehicle is on the tyres, then finish tightening the wheel nuts with the extendable bar. The last thing to do is check the new tyre pressure. Consult your logbook for the correct pressure for your vehicle.  

You can now return to the road and drive safely on to your destination. 

If you have any questions about changing your tyre, Lindley’s Autocentres, your number one tyre replacement centre in Nottingham, are on hand to answer your queries. Similarly, if you get a flat tyre in and around Nottingham, our mobile tyre replacement service will come to you and replace your tyre at home or the roadside, ensuring safe and hassle free tyre replacement. Get in touch to find out more.

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