When to change your car filters

19 July 2019 / Lindleys Autocentres

It’s important to recognise the signs of a built-up car filter and which one(s) it could be in order to get them fixed. If you don’t know the signs or which filter it could be then you run the risk of your car being damaged further. 

In this blog, we want to share with you everything you need to know when it comes to changing your car filters.

There are four filters in a car that need to be checked and changed if there is something wrong, these filters are:

  • Cabin filter

  • Oil filter

  • Fuel filter

  • Air filter

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is important as it cleans out all of the dust, pollen and other particles in the air that enters the interior of the car. 

Cleaning out and changing your cabin filter ensures that passengers are breathing cleaner, fresher air. It also helps to avoid any visibility issues when driving, if for example, you need to defog the windows.

Air Filter

The air filter prevents bugs, particles, sand or any debris from entering the engine. Keeping the air filter clean allows for a smooth-running vehicle. It can also save on fuel, if you have a damaged or built-up air filter then your car has to perform even harder to work, being sluggish and in some cases, it may produce black smoke. 

Oil Filter

The oil filter helps to stop dirt from getting into the oil that may cause damage to your engine. It maintains a continuous flow of the oil to the engine. The main job of an oil filter is that it purifies the oil to help the engine run smoothly.

Fuel Filter

A fuel filter works similar to an oil filter in that it removes any harmful particles that could get into the fuel. This allows for full protection of the fuel injectors that will help maintain the performance of your car.

As with all the filters on this list, if it becomes built up or damaged it can have serious impacts on the running of the car, affecting both performance of the vehicle and its safety.

Changing your filters

As with everything regarding your car, refer to your cars manual to see the suggestions for changing filters, the schedule in which they should be changed and also, consider your commuting, whether it’s to work or to the shop, do you drive through tough terrain? You may want to think about changing your filters sooner rather than later.

Are you worried about the performance of your car and suspect it may be one of your filters that needs cleaning or replacing? Get in touch with Lindleys Autocentres to book an appointment for one of our filter cleaning services.

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