3 things to consider when servicing your car

30 July 2018 / Lindleys Autocentres

When it comes to servicing your car, having a basic understanding of what work is to be carried out will help you make sure that the work has been done correctly. Read through this article and keep the following things in mind when your car is being serviced.                         

Keep a list of the work

Making a list is the simplest way to keep track of what components and areas of the car need repairing and replacing. It is also helpful for the mechanic so that they know what to focus on and it makes it easier for you to let them know what you need doing.

Clear your car of personal items

Remove all personal items from your car when taking it in for a service. Whilst you should never experience any problems at a reputable garage, keeping your belongings on hand ensures they’re safe and also prevents any accidental damage during the service process. Before servicing your car, ask for the name of your mechanic. Not only does this help you build a relationship but you know who to contact if you have any issues.

Test drive

Any good mechanic who offers a car service should let you take it for a test drive after being serviced. This is important for the driver to get a feel for any changes to the car to see if you're satisfied with the results. Always request a test drive before payment to make sure nothing has gone wrong.

The following maintenance task should be carried out by the mechanic during its service:

  • Change of oil

  • Replace the oil filter

  • Replace the air filter

  • Replace the fuel filter

These tasks are very easy to check for and we recommend you do so after your car has been serviced, along with any other work you may have that isn’t covered. You can check that the tasks have been completed efficiently through these simple checks:

  • To check the engine oil you simply dip the dipstick into the oil to see what colour it is. The oil should be black but can be a deep amber colour as it could have been topped on the oil already in the engine.

  • Check to make sure the air filter is completely clean and hasn't simply been dusted off and wiped.

  • The same goes for your fuel filter.

Whatever the nature of your cars servicing needs, make sure that you’re well informed of what work is being carried out. Our basic guide should give you a good start to making sure any future car service goes smoothly.

If you are in need of car servicing, you can book a car service online now. At Lindleys Autocentres we’re always happy to help and provide guidance to our valued customers.

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