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The brakes are arguably the most vital safety feature in a vehicle. It is important that they are working correctly and efficiently. With Lindleys Autocentres, we offer a free basic brake check that will check for common brake problems.

What does a free brake check include?

Our free basic brake check includes the following areas of inspection:

  • Handbrake reserve travel check
  • Brake pad check
  • Brake disc check
  • Brake pipes and brake hose check
  • Brake fluid check

If a full brake check is needed, the following areas will also be inspected:

  • Handbrake reserve travel including adjust
  • Brake pad check
  • Brake disc check
  • Brake pipes and brake hose check
  • Brake fluid check including a free top up of fluid
  • Calipers and wheel cylinder check
  • Handbrake cables and linkages

With a full brake inspection, we will inspect the full braking conditions of the vehicle; your wheels will be removed and if drums are fitted these will be removed, too. The handbrake will be adjusted for free, along with brake fluid being topped-up if it is required.

If we determine you need any work on your brakes and you choose to have it done with us we will deduct the cost of the inspection from the total cost of the work carried out. However, we will never undertake any work without authorisation from you.

To find out more about brake repair and brake replacement, or to book a free or full brake inspection, contact us today.

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