Tips for a Longer Lasting Car

11 January 2016 / Lindleys Autocentres

Keeping your vehicle in a healthy condition is similar to keeping any other machine in a good working order - regular maintenance as well as frequent checks are key to its good wellbeing. Your car’s components wear with use, and over long periods of time, this results in damage to your car. The family car is one of the most important belongings to a large proportion of people, as they rely on it to get to work or to take their children to school. This being, the family car is also one of the most expensive belongings most people own, and unfortunately it can also prove to be one of the most costly assets to repair as well. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help maintain your vehicle and keep it running smoothly for as long as possible.


Check Your Car’s Fluids

Your car’s fluids are essential to your vehicle's health. It’s crucial to make sure your car is regularly topped up with the correct oil, coolant and water. This will ensure that your car is roadworthy and safe, as well as keep it running for as much time as possible. During the warmer months, it’s common for your vehicle’s fluids to run dry at a much quicker rate. So make sure to pay close attention on your fluid levels during the warm weather.

Test Your Battery

Your car’s battery is often found to be one of the first components to cause problems. Battery problems are increasingly common after/during cold winters, as they are used much more extensively in the cold weather. The only way you can identify issues with your battery is to perform battery checks on a regular basis. To do this, use a digital multimeter (prices around £10 - £20) to measure the voltage of your battery. If less than 12 volts, the battery needs recharging or changing all together.

For more information on maintaining your car’s battery, take a read of our “How to Check & Maintain Your Car Battery” article.


Run Regular Brake Tests

It is crucial to your vehicle’s wellbeing, as well as your safety, to keep a close eye on your brakes. Having responsive brakes protects you and fellow road users in the event of a stoppage. Your vehicle’s brakes can wear with usage, and result in potentially failing - the consequences of this when on the road can be tragic. For this reason, it’s extremely important to give your car’s brakes regular tests to make sure the pads are still reliable and effective. Although replacements can be rather expensive, your safety is priceless.


Tyre Inflation

Your tyres inflation may not sound like much, but it can have a massive effects on the safety and the endurance of your car. Tyres that are not inflated properly result in your vehicle using more fuel, as well as lower your car’s grip to the road. As a result, failing to keep your tyres adequately inflated can be fatal, especially in wet or icy conditions. To keep your car in its best possible running order, it’s important to check your tyres every month or so and re-inflate them if necessary. 

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Checking & Cleaning Bodywork

Your vehicle’s bodywork is the part of your car that will rust the fastest. This is due to the fact that your bodywork is exposed to anything the road throws at it. It’s important to check and clean your bodywork before it causes some kind of issue. You can do this by using products such as bug and tar remover, which cleans unwanted debris from your car and overall extend the lifespan of your vehicle.


Semi-Annual Car Servicing

To fully preserve your vehicle, it is crucial to book your car in for a service with a professional mechanic twice a year. Doing this will identify any problems with your vehicle at the earliest possible stage, therefore saving you on replacement costs down the line.

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