Get Serious About Tyre Safety

20 October 2016 / Lindleys Autocentres

As motorists, we all know how important it is to have a decent set of tyres. Aside from the cost savings in fuel consumption (and expensive fines for having improper tyres) the safety implications are well published. And yet it seems that some people aren’t getting the message.

According to research released by TyreSafe earlier this year, unsafe tyres are leading to an alarming number of fatalities. According to the research, there were as many as 5,677 casualties from tyre-related incidents in the last five years. According to the research, 36% of all vehicle default related casualties were caused by tyres - higher than the number caused by faulty brakes (35%).

Part Worn Tyres

Lindley’s Autocentres have always spoken out against part worn tyres, believing the cost benefits are far outweighed by the safety benefits of choosing new tyres. However, it seems that an alarming number of Tyre Centres are less scrupulous.

Recent research, also conducted by Tyresafe, has revealed that there could be as many as 10 million illegal tyres, currently on the road. And even more worrying, the same research revealed that 27% of tyres were already illegal at the time of replacement during 2016.

In the East Midlands sample, which included Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, the research showed that 22.6% of tyres surveyed were illegal, with a further 77% having a tread depth below 2mm. 

Check and Replace your Tyres

This research backs up just how important it is to regularly check your tyres. To ensure your tyres are safe, make sure you:

  • Check they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re not sure what your manufacturer recommends for your model of car, speak to Lindley’s Autocentres in Nottingham, Old Basford or Arnold and one of our technicians will be able to advise.
  • Check that all tyres are free of lumps, bumps, cracks and embedded objects.
  • Check the tread depth. The legal depth for the tread on your tyres is 1.6mm. However, we recommend you seek replacement tyres as soon as the tread drops below 3mm.

And finally, if in doubt, contact Lindleys Autocentres for advice and to book your car in for a set of replacement tyres at one of our branches in Nottingham, Arnold or Old Basford.

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