Lindleys Autocentres are part of several schemes that require extremely high standards in the motor industry. Below you can find a list of the schemes we are associated with and their strict codes and policies that we adhere to. 

Castrol service plus Nottingham

Castrol service plus

Castrol’s plan is to develop the Castrol Service Plus network into a strong and uniform workshop concept with good visibility throughout Europe. By this Castrol can ensure that wherever their customers are they meet workshops with the same service quality and full range of Castrol lubricants. Lindleys Autocentres have been selected by Castrol to represent the brand across all branches. Ensuring high standards and the exclusive use of Castrol oils.

Trust My Garage Nottingham

Trust My Garage

Trust My Garage is a collection of Britain’s best local garages – every one different and every one dedicated to the highest standards of skill and personal service.

All the garages in Trust My Garage are members of the Independent Garage Association which is part of the RMI, one of Britain’s oldest motor trade organisations. IGA members are true professionals who have to comply with a strict code of practice.

Each and every customer of all Trust My Garage members can rely on using a nationally recognised brand. If there’s a problem that can’t be sorted out between you and your garage, the IGA takes over and helps to achieve a happy outcome.

Trading Standards Nottingham

Trading Standards Approved

What is the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme?

We know that as a consumer you want to have confidence in businesses from whom you buy goods or services.

The Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) is facilitated self-regulation, which aims to provide you with access to approved codes which meet core criteria set by CTSI.

Codes approval is a rigorous and intensive two-stage process, and codes will be approved only if businesses can clearly show that they are contributing to improving service standards.

Checkatrade Nottingham


Checkatrade runs strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members. Once they join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online for all to see. We’ve published 2,685,311 to date. See our FAQs for our process on how we publish feedback.

Members promise to meet The Checkatrade Standard.

No other directory of tradespeople uses this model. The background checks and public feedback ensure that only reliable and trusted tradespeople get work through Checkatrade. They make sure that you can find someone outstanding to get the job done.

Retail Motor Industry Federation logo

Retail Motor Industry Federation

Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) members pride themselves on providing high quality, value-for-money services to the motoring public.

RMI standards help our members serve you. They are continuously reviewed and updated to conform to changing legislation and market place expectations.


Through RMI membership, RMI members and therefore their customers, have access to the National Conciliation Service (NCS).

The NCS is a certified, independent, automotive ADR provider that offers dispute resolution services to businesses and customers when disputes cannot be resolved through a business’ internal processes.

Castrol service plus Nottingham

Automotive Technician Accreditation

ATA is an industry standard benchmark of competence.  An ATA accredited individual has proven their capability at performing the job in their specialism to a high standard.

Independant Garage Association

Independent Garage Association

The RMI’s Independent Garage Association is the largest and most prominent representative body in the Independent garage sector. We are the voice of the industry in matters arising in the UK Government and in Europe regarding legislative and regulatory issues.

The IGA aims to support and encourage independent garages to thrive in all aspects of their business by offering advice, information and services which ensure that the independent service and repair sector can remain efficient and competitive in an increasingly complex business landscape.