What Are Tyre Safety Labels?

22 September 2016 / Lindleys Autocentres

Tyre Safety Labels Explained

As the only part of your car in contact with the road, your tyres are one of the most important safety features on your car. It is therefore vital that you know you’re getting good, safe tyres when you get them replaced.

Aside from making sure you use a reputable tyre replacement centre, Like Lindleys Autocentres in Nottingham, how can you guarantee the safety and quality of your replacement tyres?

Well since 2012, all tyres sold have been required by law to carry a safety label. This provides key information on the quality and safety of your tyre. But unless you know what you’re looking at, it can still be hard to tell whether your new tyres are what you are expecting. Luckily, Lindleys Autocentres, Nottingham leading tyre replacement specialist,  are here to explain what the symbols mean.

Fuel Efficiency

The higher the fuel efficiency of your tyres, the lower your driving costs and CO2 emissions will be. A tyre that is category A for fuel efficiency could reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 7.5% compared with a category G tyre.

fuel efficiency

Wet Braking Performance

This is critical to the safety of your tyres as it determines your stopping distance when braking in wet weather. Driving on category A tyres your stopping distance at 50mph can be up to 18m shorter than the stopping distance with category G tyres.

wet braking performance

External Noise Emission

This details the noise your tyres make on the road. The number is a decibel count, while the waves emitted from the tyre indicate where on the scale this tyre sits, with one black wave signifying the quietest tyres and three signifying the loudest.

external noise emmision

If you want to replace your tyres with something quieter or safer, speak to Lindleys Autocentres in Nottingham, Arnold or Old Basford.

Alternatively, you can use our Book Tyres Online page.

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