How to wash your car properly: 5 top tips

20 August 2019 / Lindleys Autocentres

Keeping your car clean is the first principle of good car maintenance. Aside from keeping your car looking good, it also helps to protect the paintwork and, consequently the body, from corrosion. However, just keeping your car clean isn’t in itself, enough, as some of the more traditional car washing practices, can actually damage your car. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your car looking new for longer.

Don’t wait until it’s dirty 

Regular cleaning of your car is essential to keeping at bay the effects of the elements. Even bird droppings contain chemicals which can be harmful to your paintwork and so should be cleaned as soon as possible. Allowing dirt to build up on your car also increases the likelihood of your paintwork getting scratched while cleaning. You should clean your car at least once a month or any time it gets dirty. 

Use proper supplies 

A bucket and a sponge alone are not enough to properly maintain your car. You also need to make sure you use cleaning products specifically designed for use on a car’s paintwork (not washing up liquid). You also need to have access to a hose pipe as simply using a bucket of water could lead to grit being washed into your paintwork and lead to scratching. 

Wash in straight lines 

It’s a difficult habit to break but you shouldn’t swirl the sponge in circular motions as this creates marks. Instead, use straight, side to side motions. 

Don’t wash your car when it’s hot 

A hot car and hot sunshine will lead to the water evaporating on your car, leaving marks behind on the surface. Make sure your car is parked in a shady spot or that the weather is not too sunny and be sure not to wash your car immediately after it has been driven. 

Wax your car twice a year 

Waxing your car protects the paintwork and keeps it looking shiny and new. The optimum time to wax your car are in the autumn before the bad weather sets in and in the spring before the weather gets too hot. 

Keeping your car clean will take care of making sure it looks good, but you also need to maintain the engine with regular car servicing. Sign up for our service reminders and you’ll never miss a service again, so now you just have to worry about keeping it looking new.



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