Electric Car Servicing in Nottingham

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Thanks to the design of electric vehicles, it’s far easier & cheaper to maintain an electric vehicle compared to a car fitted with a diesel or petrol engine. 

Although there are no oil changes or engine related checks to perform, your electric vehicle still needs to have regular servicing to perform to the best of its ability.

Electric Car Servicing in Nottingham from Only £85

Whilst petrol and diesel vehicles require numerous servicing parts (spark plugs, oil filters and starter motors to name a few), pure electric vehicles only have three main components – the electric motor, on-board charger and the inverter. 

It may be less expensive, but an electric vehicle should still be serviced at the same intervals as a combustion engine car. Due to the lack of parts needed, most EV services are minor. As usual in a service, our highly trained technicians will also check your tyres and brakes.

Servicing an electric vehicle is not something all garages are equipped to deal with. Lindleys Autocentres have specifically trained technicians at all our branches who can carry out services on electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles and Lindleys Autocentres

At Lindleys Autocentres, we are fully committed in the change to electric vehicles and are in the process of changing our entire fleet over to electric as technology and battery life progresses.

Electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, depending on the type of electricity that charges the battery. The car itself is only as green as their battery ‘juice’ is. Natural gas electricity can result in less than half of the total emissions of the best combustion vehicle, this includes the manufacturing process.

Lindleys Autocentres are certainly geared for this change in motoring and we continue to heavily invest in training for all members of staff. 

electric car servicing

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