Electric Car MOT Test in Nottingham

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Does my electric vehicle need an MOT? In short, yes.

Every vehicle over three years old needs an MOT certificate to be deemed roadworthy. No car over this age can legally drive on the road without one, except in very specific circumstances or if the car is more than 40 years old.

Electric Car MOT Tests in Nottingham Only £39

The MOT test is designed to examine the safety of a vehicle, roadworthiness, and tailpipe emissions. Even though tailpipe emissions are not relevant for electric vehicles, making sure they’re safe to drive is of paramount importance.

Apart from the emissions test, an electric car is submitted to the same rigorous testing of its main components including lights, brakes, wipers, suspension and steering to ensure that it is safe to drive. Without a valid MOT certificate, you will be unable to renew your car’s insurance.

Electric Vehicles and Lindleys Autocentres

At Lindleys Autocentres, we are fully committed in the change to electric vehicles and are in the process of changing our entire fleet over to electric as technology and battery life progresses.

Electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, depending on the type of electricity that charges the battery. The car itself is only as green as their battery ‘juice’ is. Natural gas electricity can result in less than half of the total emissions of the best combustion vehicle, this includes the manufacturing process.

Lindleys Autocentres are certainly geared for this change in motoring and we continue to heavily invest in training for all members of staff. 

electric car mot test