4×4 Tyres

With the sudden surge of 4×4 SUV’s on the road, there is now more than ever a large demand for 4×4 tyres.

And whilst a big majority of 4×4 SUV owners are families, some of these cars are still being used off-road for agricultural reasons. The bigger cars and engines can deal with the difficult terrains the vehicle might be faced with and in turn, will need a good set of 4×4 tyres to handle the challenging conditions.

That’s why at Lindleys Autocentres we stock a large variety of different 4×4 tyres, whether that’s seasonal tyres, model-specific tyres or price-focused tyres, we have them all in stock for you to choose which is best for what you need them for.

4×4 Road Tyres

Typically, when shopping around for 4×4 road tyres there are many considerations to be made.

  • How often do you drive on the motorway?

  • Do you do a lot of city driving?

  • Are you purely using your car for leisure rather than work?

All these questions are vital in selecting the right tyres for your car.

For example, if you use your car to commute on a daily basis, either by driving on the motorway or for city-based driving, budget tyres simply won’t cut it!

Looking towards the mid-range to premium range tyres may be better as your car will be used a lot more than someone who is only using their car for leisure. So it’s best to have an idea of how you use your 4×4 on a daily basis.

4×4 Off-Road Tyres

If you work in agriculture, you may use a 4×4 to get from one field to the next. If so it’s important to have the right tyres to do the job. Whereas road tyres are best for sharp turns and designed for city and motorway driving, off-road tyres are designed to handle the toughest terrains and go from off-road to road seamlessly.

That’s why off-road tyres are designed with a wider tread, reinforced tread patterns and sidewall and overall can perform in mud, grass and concrete.

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