Head Gasket Repair in Nottingham

Lindleys Autocentres are one the only garage in Nottingham capable of doing all the work associated with changing the head gasket entirely in house, we do not need to outsource any of the work at all. A lot of garages  will bring their head gasket jobs to us, why not cut out the middle man and come directly to us?

We have an in-house machine shop where we carry out the testing and machining of cylinder heads.  Head gasket replacements are the main bulk of our work and  are completed to a very high standard every day by our experienced mechanics.

We offer a free diagnosis on every head gasket job.

Head gasket jobs are turned around as quickly as we possibly can and sometimes even returned the same day depending on the job.

Please read our Information page on head gasket replacement for all the information details and self diagnosis you need!

head gasket repair nottingham