How to increase the longevity of your suspension

15 February 2019 / Lindleys Autocentres

The role of your vehicle's suspension system is to reduce the impact of the road surface and keep the car in control. Made up with many components, a suspension in good condition will offer better steering ability and hold the weight of your vehicle. This is why it is extremely important that you keep on top of the health of your suspension.

Whether you are looking to extend the life of your car or prevent further issues with your vehicle, in this article we will cover the habits you can implement to increase the longevity of your suspension.

Try to avoid potholes

Knowing and understanding the tips and tricks to avoid potholes can be quite difficult. However, ignoring the severity of them can take a toll on your vehicle’s overall health. We appreciate that this may be difficult with the pothole-ridden roads in the UK, but taking extra precaution when encountering a pothole can make a huge difference.

In general, rough roads will accelerate the wear and tear of your suspension system - wearing down the shocks, bushing and joints. Dips and potholes in the road direct a lot of pressure and energy to the car’s suspension components, especially when driving over them at high speeds. If completely unavoidable, we strongly recommend you slow down whenever you notice an upcoming pothole on your journey.

Drive smoothly

Driving smoothly on your journeys gives the ability to slow down and speed up gradually. Rough driving not only has a negative impact on your suspension, but also your tyres, brakes, and fuel - which could cause you to spend more money on repairs in the future. Therefore, if you notice you are the type of driver who accelerates harshly and brakes suddenly, you are essentially putting unnecessary pressure on your rear and front shock absorbers (which are a vital part of your suspension working properly).

By simply changing the way you drive you are reducing the risk of early wear and tear on your suspension.

Maintain the correct tyre pressure

Occasionally overlooked,  your tyre pressure can contribute to premature wear and tear on your car’s suspension.  As the most important part of your suspension system, good quality tyres will withhold the pressure and stress of rough road surfaces.

If you are unsure on the correct tyre pressure required, it will usually be displayed on the side of the tyre.

Wheel alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures that no additional pressure is placed on your suspension system. Along with reducing tyre wear, aligned wheels will improve the handling of your vehicle as you drive. If you begin to notice your vehicle pulls to the side even when you are driving straight ahead, this is a clear sign that your wheels need to be realigned.

The main role of your suspension is to turn the vehicle, hold up the vehicle, and to absorb bumps and rough road surfaces. Having issues within the suspension system can cause its efficiency and safety aspect to decrease. We strongly advise that if you are facing issues with your suspension and are looking for advice on what to do next, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, book your car in for a service.




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