• What to do if your car battery dies

    05/06/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    What to do if your car battery dies First of all, you’re going to want to know the ways of telling if your car battery is on its last legs. This way you can hopefully prevent it from completely dying or you can dismiss any chances of accidents being caused by it.Here are some ways you can tell if y...

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  • How to change a car tyre

    25/05/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    With the summer season just around the corner and the inevitable family road trips on the horizon, the last thing you want is to be out with the family and be stuck at the side of the road with a flat car tyre and no idea how to change it. So to help you prepare, Lindley’s Autocentres, your number o...

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  • Managing, recognising and preventing a punctured car tyre

    15/05/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Managing, recognising and preventing a punctured car tyre You may want to know a few reasons as to why your tyre punctured in the first place. There are several ways in which your tyres can pop - you may have that incorrect tyre pressure, your vehicle may have been overloaded, your tyres may simply...

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  • Mobile Tyre Fitting Service From Lindley’s

    15/03/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Lindley’s Autocentres are one of Nottingham’s leading tyre replacement centres. But now, you don’t even need to come to us for your replacement tyres. Lindley’s are providing a full mobile tyre fitting service in and around Nottingham. This offers a number of key benefits: Safety Your tyres are a...

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  • 7 Facts About Tyres

    10/03/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    7 things you’ve always wanted to know about your car tyres but were too afraid to ask. We’ve been providing quality car tyres for years, so we know a thing or two. But what kind of a company would we be if we didn’t share some of the facts with you? So here are 7 interesting nuggets of information t...

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