• Lindleys Autocentres opens its doors to new car garage in Carlton

    23/01/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    We have recently opened a new car garage in Carlton for all of your MOT’s, Servicing and Vehicle Repairs needs, based on 245 Oakdale Road, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1AE. Our skilled technicians will be on hand to deal with a range of automotive services, these include MOT testing, car servicing, mob...

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  • Lindleys Autocentres now accepts Bitcoin to pay for MOT, Car Servicing, Tyre Fitting and more

    22/01/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Here at Lindleys Autocentres, we are aware that cryptocurrencies are gaining lots of traction lately and that they offer many benefits over standard forms of payments. We have come to the decision that all 5 of our branches, including our new branch in Carlton, will be accepting cryptocurrencies su...

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  • What should I do if my windscreen has cracked?

    08/01/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    If your car windscreen has been chipped or cracked you will need to get to a garage as soon as possible. What causes windscreen cracks and windscreen chips? During the winter months, a lot of chips and cracks can appear on windows. If your windows have iced over, people tend to pour boiling water ...

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  • Is your car battery ready for winter?

    18/12/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    As the nights get longer and the weather gets colder, the last thing you need is a problem with your car. Generally you car needs extra attention in the winter months to reduce the risk of a winter breakdown. Battery failure is one of the most common issues with more issues being reported for a fla...

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  • Are winter tyres worth it?

    05/12/2017 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Here at Lindleys Autocentres we believe that road safety is the most important factor of driving. As the weather becomes increasingly colder and with Christmas approaching, the last thing you need is a problem with your car. One of the many questions we regularly get asked is whether winter tyres ar...

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