• Top tips on how you can reduce your car emissions

    09/10/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Air pollution is a serious concern for most people. Especially in largely built-up areas, the growing concentration of pollutants can cause air to be unpleasant to breathe. Car emissions are one of the largest causes of this. As such, most car manufacturers are making an effort to reduce them. Whet...

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  • How to check your vehicle before a long journey

    21/09/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Unless you're passionate about cars, it's common for most of us to miss minor issues with ourvehicles until they’re staring us in the face. Without knowing the ins and outs of a vehicle, It can be difficult to spot the complications that'll hinder your safety whilst driving. This is especially true ...

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  • Type of tyres - Winter to Summer and Everything in between

    06/09/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Having a durable set of tyres that can reliably take you from point A to point B safely, should be high on any motorists priority list. There are many types of tyres on the market, each offering features that make them better suited to different driving environments. In this article, we’ll take you ...

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  • Summer Travel Tips: Avoid overloading your Car

    28/08/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    When getting ready for a trip, it's common for most people to over pack planning, taking the ‘just incases’ a little too far. How often have you gone away and realised you only end up using 50% of the clothes you brought along? Overloading your car is a very dangerous, so next time you’re heading ou...

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  • When to replace your car tyres

    08/08/2018 - Lindleys Autocentres
    Hopefully, our previous article provided the necessary information on how to keep your tyres in great condition. But when should you be replacing them? And what are the signs that can help spell it out? It can be difficult to know when a tyre is on its way out and unfortunately no matter how well y...

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